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This section includes information on Basic Mediation Training, Family Mediation Training, and continuing education.

Why choose Nebraska Mediation Association for your basic and advanced trainings? Nebraska has a 30-year rich history in progressive use of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is supported in statute, policy, and practice in our state and our experienced trainers offer perspectives from practice that will help you apply your training in many different professional and personal settings. Our curriculums have been developed over time to provide you with a training experience that balances foundational theory, the latest best practices, and experiential components.  


Learn general mediation skills to enhance your dispute resolution and negotiation skills that can be applied in your personal and professional life. While these skills can be applied in any walk of life, the most common participants in our basic mediation training include:

  • Those wanting to become mediators
  • Attorneys and other legal professionals
  • Human resource professionals
  • Employees from academic institutions
  • Those serving in ministries
  • Nonprofit employees and volunteers, especially those serving youth or persons in generational poverty
  • Those working in health care
  • First responders and their support staff, including law enforcement officers


Family mediation training is an advanced training designed for individuals who want to work with families where parents have separated or are in the process of separating. The main focus of Family mediators in Nebraska is the development of parenting plans for minor children when parenting from two households. For most families, approaching a parenting plan from the perspective of how they can best co-parent builds a plan for family success. Families experiencing a higher level of conflict may rely on a mediator to help them develop a plan for parallel parenting. Participants in this training typically fall into one of three categories.

  • Those seeking to become Parenting Act-approved mediators in Nebraska
  • Active Nebraska attorneys who are not planning to apply for Parenting Act-approved mediator status but who seek to improve their skills as parenting plan mediators
  • Individuals seeking to practice as mediators outside of Nebraska who will not be seeking Parenting Act-approved status in Nebraska


Continuing education to enhance skills is offered throughout the year and can be accessed under the CME (Continuing Mediator Education) opportunities tab.


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