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Becoming a Mediator

Are you interested in becoming a mediator? Some questions that are frequently asked are:

How do I get started? - The best place to start is with training in "basic" mediation. In NMA's Basic Mediation Training participants learn about conflict and negotiation theory, and an eight step mediation process that focuses on the interest-based, or facilitative, style of mediation. For a full description of training, click here.

What kind of income can I earn? - If you are looking into mediation as your next profession, we recommend you hold off on quitting your day job. Mediation is very rewarding and can be a great way to supplement any profession. You can also incorporate the skills of a mediator into your current position. It is possible to make a living as a mediator, however, it takes a while (years) to develop the skills, reputation, and caseload required to earn a "full-time" income.

Where do cases come from? Generally, cases come from referral sources or marketing material. Mediators who have taken basic and family mediation, and have met Nebraska statutory and policy requirements including mediator training, continuing education, and apprenticeship standards, can seek approval to become an approved Parenting Act Mediator. Approved Parenting Act mediators are included on a referral list that is distributed by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution, an administrative office of the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Are you ready to take training to learn how to

  1. become a mediator, or
  2. to learn the skills of a mediator to add value to your current profession?

If yes, click here to learn more about your training options!

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