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How to Have a Difficult Conversation

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Cristina Hiddleston, Conflict Engagement Instructor, Duchesne Academy

Kelly Gering, Special Faculty, Creighton University, Negotiation + Conflict Resolution

Processing the election, anticipating upcoming holiday gatherings, and facilitating conflict engagement as mediators during a pandemic can be rife with stress, frustration, anxiety and exhaustion.

Educator practitioners Cristina Hiddleston and Kelly Gering team up to teach key principles from Stone, Patton, and Heen’s quintessential text, “Difficult Conversations.” They will demonstrate how mediators can engage curiosity over certainty, disentangle intent from impact, and learn to find common ground via the third conversation.

Cristina is in her 22nd year of teaching high school and her second year as a mediator. She completed the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution graduate program at Creighton University in 2018 and is affiliated with Concord Mediation Center. In her education role, she teaches a conflict engagement class to juniors and seniors in high school and in her mediator role, she focuses primarily on restorative justice work with youth offenders. She is also enthusiastic about the potential of restorative justice circles and has just begun work in that arena this past fall.

Kelly is the owner of Shared Story, a private conflict resolution practice that provides mediation, facilitation, and training services to families, organizations, faith-based entities, and the community at large. Kelly serves as special faculty in Creighton University’s Negotiation and Conflict Resolution graduate program, and as a board member for the Nebraska Mediation Association.
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